Mmm, Maple Syrup!


Our first successful batch of homemade maple syrup is finished! We tapped 4 of our maples trees out front a week or two ago and started collecting sap in a 55 gallon drum. Within 2-3 days it was 3/4 of the way full and too heavy to move so we started the boiling process. Bryan decided to stay up all night and boil it in one night. Well lets just say the first batch didn’t go so well. :) So we started over with a new batch and slowly cooked it over the course of about 4 days and finished it yesterday. We ended up with about a gallon and a quart of syrup from about 2/3’s of a 55 gallon drum of sap. It’s so delicious! And we are still collecting and should get another batch of about the same size out of it this spring yet. We are already looking forward to doing it again next year. :) We are very proud maple syrup makers. Neither of us ever thought we’d make our own syrup and we did it!

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Hello, Summer? Where did you go?

Wow, summer has just flown by! Everyone must think that I’ve completely forgotten about my blog and updating it. No new posts, pictures or anything. No worries. I didn’t forget. Just SUPER busy with all that’s been going on here. Looking at houses to buy our first home, adjusting to our sailor moving back home and getting out of the military and all of us rejoining the civilian world. Our oldest is starting kindergarten in a couple of weeks. Etc, etc, etc. So over the next week I will be giving our blog here a MUCH NEEDED MAKEOVER!! Keep an eye out for lots of updates, a new look, tons of new pictures, etc. :) <3

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My Latest Venture…

Thanks to an AWESOME Incentive going on right now… where you can sign up for *FREE*…


I’m REALLY excited about this! They have some GREAT products, awesome incentives, customer specials, hostess specials, etc. I even have my own personal website where you can place orders, contact me, view the catalog online, etc.

The new Summer 2012 catalog comes out on May 1st and I can’t wait to see all the new products and fabrics. :) I’m excited to share this with all of you and I hope that you’ll check it out. All of their products have so many uses and there are some really great ways to organize your home, car, office, etc.

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Memories Monday: 3.20.12

Taken 2 years ago on 3.12.10 – Gramma Debbie(my best friend Betsy’s Mom) holding Freya & Me holding Bella – the girls are two months apart in age. They were just about a year old in this picture.

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Wordless Wednesday: 3.14.12

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Memories Monday: 3.12.12

Bella – 3 weeks old laying on her quilt that her Great Grandma Van Alstine made her <3

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Wordless Wednesday: 3.7.12

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Memories Monday: 3.5.12

I’m starting Memories Monday – a bit of a throw-back of pictures from various times.

Evelyn on her First Birthday! 8.8.2008

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Wordless Wednesday: 2.29.12

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Soo much going on…

Wow! There is just so much going on in our lives right now and I feel so behind in capturing our lives through our blog. Journaling our lives has kind of hit the back burner. Lots of changing coming to our lives in the next several months, many things that are going on right now, Evelyn in school, playdates, the mommies group I founded (, trying to work on my school work(to become a lactation consultant and I’m hoping to start the doula training soon), looking at starting up a home business, working on getting my cosmetology license for the State of Michigan and not just Virginia, Bryan is home visiting right now for a few more days then he’ll be gone again for another two months. Our time as a military family is coming to an end and our life as we know it is about to drastically change.
I’m hoping to keep up better with my blogging and I have a lot to catch up on. Christmas, Bryan’s first leave after deployment, Bryan Meeting Garrett, Garrett’s growth, how the girls are doing, etc.
Going to start posting when I can and scheduling posts to try to keep up. :)

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